Do you love your home?  I mean, really LOVE it?

I do.

We live in Port Dalhousie, Ontario, Canada and in my world there are few better places.  This morning I awoke in our charming nearly hundred year old home and looked out the window to see the morning rowers doing their drills in the pond across the street.  I prepared Tess for her day and hopped on my bike for a leisurely 20 minute cruise to work, past the lighthouse and up beautiful tree-lined streets.

We walk the beach every day.  In the summertime, a lovingly restored carousel welcomes children of all ages for only a nickel per ride.  Depending on the season or time of day, there are sun worshipers, dog walkers, kite boarders or sandcastle architects toiling away at their craft.  We pick up some ice cream or, if grandparents are babysitting, we hit a patio for a couple of beers.  We stroll down the pier and it feels like we’re approaching the end of the earth.

Last night I took the dog out before bedtime.  I carefully examined each home we passed and took in the quaint characteristics, as no two homes on our block look the same.  I rested on a bench near the water and observed a breathtaking sunset reflecting off the lake.

At the end of May the best farm stand opens down the street and we learn about new produce, growing techniques and indulge in freshly baked cinnamon buns.  Further down the road our vintner neighbours harvest the grapes for the pinot grigio will one day enjoy with dinner.

This past week-end we took up sailing and cast off from the marina down the street.  From our 24′ vessel we conquered the harbour and I came to realize that from our home we can set sail to virtually anywhere in the world.  Now we scope the docks in search of for sale signs and plan our eventual voyage.

We don’t live in our car.  We can afford our house.  We grow our own vegetables.  And each day I chart the progress of the Japanese white pine we planted in our front yard last year to commemorate Tess’ birth.

Does this sound like paradise?  Or maybe you’ve found your own little piece of heaven.  Where you live might be the most important decision you ever make… if this post leaves you with a sense of longing then maybe it’s time to rethink the place you call home.