What is matriarcade?

Matriarcade is a debate forum for modern families.  The name combines the words “matriarch”- the female head of family or state – and “arcade” – a gallery, open space and/or marketplace.  It eludes to a place to exchange ideas among those who celebrate women in today’s households as equal partners, empowered with free speech, education, and choices.

I devised matriarcade in 2009 when I became a mother.  I found myself struggling to define my role and couldn’t find online resources to help: I often had to choose between sites that were stimulating and intelligent and sites geared to new parents.  While I certainly appreciated forums related to new toys, sleep patterns and breastfeeding, I found myself yearning for a venue to discuss the world outside my front door.

I hope you will find the perspectives on this blog engaging and thought-provoking and I invite you to share your point of view.

Thank you for visiting.

The Matriarchivist


One Response to “Genesis”

  1. Unless otherwise noted, all photos on matriarcade are courtesy of Chimpr, the most talented photographer I know: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ohoski

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